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Violins and Violas for Sale

In addition to our student-level instruments, V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. has an extensive collection of exceptional violins and violas for the more discerning player. We encourage you to visit our shop to view and audition them. And, of course, you are welcome to sign them out on approval to show to your teacher or to try them in your own home.

Violins for Sale under $700 (Entry-Level and Rental)

This instrument is an example of entry-level violins that we carry. Our selection is ever-changing, but in general, a starter violin for an adult player will start at around $600. For children's violins in the smaller sizes, instruments start at around $400. Instruments of this level are available for sale and for use in our rental program.

Brands that we often carry include Kohr, Eastman, Euro, Yamaha, and Suzuki. We also carry many one-of-a-kind and unlabelled instruments.

For information about our entry-level violins for sale and rental, please contact our shop.

Violins For Sale $5,000 - $10,000

Whether you are a student or professional musician, V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. has a large selection of high-quality violins for sale between $5,000 and $10,000. In addition to traditional wooden violins, we also carry electric and graphite models. We take pride in helping our customers find instruments that suit them as players and compliment their playing style.

Luis & Clark or Mezzo-Forte Carbon Graphite Violin
Carbon graphite violins are quickly becoming the choice for many advancing and professional players.

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Paul Gallrein Violin, 1957
Paul Gallrein worked in Markneukirchen where he produced many artistic violins and bows. This violin is in excellent condition, having neither prior damages nor repairs.

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Chipot-Vuillaume Violin, circa 1880
Born in Mirecourt, France, Chipot married the daughter of a Parisian cobbler who happened to be named Jean Baptiste Vuillaume. He immediately attached that name to his own and stated on his labels that he was the son-in-law of the famous violin maker, Vuillaume. His earlier instruments were made for Collin-Mezin. He subsequently established his own business and had other makers producing instruments in the white while he varnished them in the style of Vuillaume & Derazey.

This violin has no prior damage or repairs and projects a very mellow, mature tone.

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William Robinson Violin, 1928 (SOLD)

William Robinson was a self-taught English violin maker whose skills were no less than those of a fully-trained master. During his career he produced approximately 400 violins, 40 violas, and 16 cellos. This violin, a Strad pattern, has extremely clean workmanship, well-chosen wood and varnish nothing short of beautiful. It has a very smooth, rich, brighter tone quality.

This violin was played for several years in the Calgary Symphony during the 1950's.

Violins For Sale $10,000 - $15,000

If you are a professional musician, or simply a connoisseur of string instruments, V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. has a wide variety of violins in the $10,000 - $15,000 range. Some of the instruments in this category include a John Simpson violin, circa 1780-1795 and an Ignaz Lutz violin made in 1922.

Ignaz Lutz Violin, 1922
Ignaz Lutz was born in Vienna. He began his studies with his father, Ignaz Sr., then finished his apprenticeship under various masters in Vienna, Berlin, Paris, and London. He immigrated to the USA where he continued his luthiery skills, producing many fine violins. Some noted musicians who played his instruments were Fritz Kreisler, Zimbalist, Spalding, Enesco, and Carl Flesch.

This violin is well balanced in sound with an open rich tone. The instrument is extremely responsive and very easy to play. It is in excellent condition with no previous repairs.

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John Simpson Violin, circa 1780-1795 (SOLD)

James and John Simpson (father and son) worked together in London from 1780-1795. While the father's work and varnish were somewhat lacking, the instruments of the son, John, were more refined and finished with a transparent light brown varnish. Most of his instruments were cut from slab for the backs. Some of the violins were labeled while others were branded "SIMPSON" with sealing wax on the back.

This violin, made by the son, John, is branded on the back. It has the light brown varnish and a slab-grain back. It is in very good condition, bearing some well-repaired cracks to the top plate. As to be expected from a violin such as this one, the sound is smaller but extremely warm and mellow in nature. While this instrument would not suit a soloist, it would be exceptional for a player in a chamber or Baroque ensemble.

Wojciech Topa Violin, 2012 (SOLD)
This beautiful violin was made in 2012 by Wojciech Topa in Zakopane, Poland. Wojciech Topa has become one of Europe's most renowned violin makers. His violins are noted for their striking appearance, excellent wood quality and craftsmanship, and superior tone.

This violin has a rich, clear, open sound, despite being brand new.

Violins For Sale $15,000 - $20,000

The violins in this category are truly unique. If you have been searching for a rare violin, please have a look through our collection. If you don't see the specific style or type of violin you have been looking for in these pages, please contact us. Our inventory is constantly changing, and we do search for special violins upon request.

Italian Violin, circa 1850 (SOLD)
This violin bears the label "Restored and Ascribed to Nineteenth Century Italian by Curt Wunderlich, Detroit, USA". Curt Wunderlich is a well-respected authority and maker of orchestral string instruments. The violin has no damage and no previous repairs. It was appraised by an independent dealer for $22,500 in the year 2001.

The smooth, mature, open sound of this violin would be suited to both a classical soloist and chamber player. This violin has the stature required for any advanced student or professional player.

Violas for Sale

Robert McCutcheon Viola, 2004

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