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A Wide Selection of Violins and Violas in Calgary

At V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd., we specialize in string instruments within the violin family, and we’ve been serving the needs of string musicians for over 25 years. We offer string instrument sales, repairs and restorations, a rental program, and accessories to improve your playing experience.


In addition to our student-level instruments, V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. has an extensive collection of exceptional violins and violas for the more discerning player. We encourage you to visit our shop in Calgary to view and audition them. And, of course, you are welcome to sign them out on approval to show to your teacher or to try them in your own home.

Violins for Sale under $750 (Entry-Level and Rental)

This instrument is an example of entry-level violins that we carry. Our selection is ever-changing, but in general, a starter violin for an adult player will start at around $600. For children's violins in smaller sizes, instruments start at around $400. Instruments of this level are available for sale and for use in our rental program.


Brands that we often carry include Kohr, Eastman, Euro, Yamaha, and Suzuki. We also carry many one-of-a-kind and unlabelled instruments.


For information about our entry-level violins for sale and rental, please contact our shop.


Violins For Sale $750 - $5,000

Instruments in this price range include violins for intermediate to advancing students. A step, or several steps, above entry-level in both tone and workmanship, these violins are appropriate for students looking to progress within their studies.


Violins For Sale $5,000 - $10,000

Whether you are a student or a professional musician, V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. has a large selection of high-quality violins for sale between $5,000 and $10,000. In addition to traditional wooden violins, we also carry electric and graphite models. We take pride in helping our customers find instruments that suit them as players and complement or enhance their playing style.


Violins For Sale $10,000 - $25,000

The instruments in this category are more impressive, designed for the advanced or professional musician and connoisseur of fine violins. If you have been searching for a rare violin, please contact us. Our inventory is constantly changing, and we search for special violins upon request.


Violas For Sale (Entry-Level to Professional-Level)

Whether you are a student or professional violist, V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. has a selection of high-quality violas for sale from entry-level to professional level. We pride ourselves in helping our customers find instruments that suit them as players and complement or enhance their playing style.

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Visit our shop in Calgary, and let our professionals help you find the right violin or viola!

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