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Calgary’s String Instrument Shop

Wide Selection of Quality String Instruments for Sale

When it comes to string instrument sales in Calgary, maintaining a consistent, quality inventory can be challenging. Simply having a large selection of instruments is insufficient; the instruments should also be in the best possible condition.
At V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. in Calgary, we carry a comprehensive inventory of quality string instruments for sale, and we only sell instruments that are in excellent condition. With our 80% trade-in policy, we know that many of these instruments will return to our music shop.


Get in touch with us today to learn more about the wide range of string instruments we carry.


String Instrument Repair Services

We have a fully equipped repair department that can handle anything needing to be fixed, from tiny scratches to significant damage. Our team of qualified professionals will assess your violin, viola, cello, or double bass and will work to find the most effective solution to repair it. We use the latest techniques and high-quality equipment to restore your string instrument to optimal condition. 

We understand how important it is to have repairs performed properly, and in a timely manner. You can rely on V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. for quality string instrument repairs in Calgary. 


String Instrument Rental Program

You are never too old or too young to enjoy music! Whether you or your child are new to learning a string instrument, or you’re not yet looking to commit to a purchase, you can rely on our rental program. At V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd., our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best violin, viola, cello, or double bass for you from our large selection of quality rental instruments.


If you decide to purchase ANY instrument while renting, up to 6 months' rental fees (and the $100 damage deposit) will be applied!


Need more information? Call us today to learn more about our string instrument rental program.

Our Inventory

In addition to older string instruments, the inventory in our Calgary shop includes many new instruments that will improve with age. After all, every Stradivarius was once new! Some very fine instruments are modern, and depending on your budget, an excellent new instrument may offer much more bang for your buck. 


Below is a sampling of some of the more familiar brands found in our shop:

Euro, Eastman, Suzuki, Hofner, Sheng Liu, Kohr, Yamaha, Gewa, Calin Wultur, and Mezzo-Forte instruments

Handmade instruments by Wojciech Topa, Chipot-Vuillaume, Yang Kai, Maciej Lacek, Quoxing Fan, Paul Hilaire, Jacques Leclerc, El Tesoro, Vasile Mare, Ezio Tanzi, Pawel Migiel, Scott Cao, and Frederich Hoyer (Baroque violin)

Bobelock, Eastman, Hiscox, Everest, Gewa, Tonareli, Aileen, and Howard Core cases

CodaBow, J.T. Jet, K. Holtz, Cadenza, and Richter bows

Handmade bows by Manoel Francisco, Juliano Oliveira, Elias Guasti, Luan Rui, André Werlong, José G. Bottoni, Ronaldo Siqueira, V. Siqueira, Egidius Dörfler, Brian Johnson, Bernard Walke, W.E. Hill, Paul Hilaire, Gusto Lucci, Michael Vann, and Raimundo Almeida

We also carry an extensive inventory of strings and musical accessories from the following manufacturers:










Bon Musica

Larica (Liebenzeller)

Gustave Bernardel






Mighty Bright

Strad Pad





König & Meyer



String Swing

AirTurn Duo

Children’s Instruments

One of our greatest joys comes when a child chooses their first violin, viola, or cello.


In fact, students who start out with us as Suzuki Twinklers often stick with us for their entire musical career; we are that involved in making sure your child has the perfect instrument throughout their musical studies! Over the years, we have developed a reputation amongst many of Calgary's violin teachers and musicians for doing an exceptional job of fitting young students and advanced students alike. Very often, string instructors send their students specifically to V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. to get fitted.


Whether your little one is just starting out or you are an advanced student in Calgary looking for that perfect string instrument, you can rest assured knowing that the professionals at V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. will help you find an instrument ideally suited to your needs!


We look forward to seeing you in the shop and being your partner throughout your musical education. Check out our testimonials!



"One of the tasks I most enjoy is fitting a child with their first violin!

Their excitement and enthusiasm is totally contagious!"


- Vickie Hill, Owner of V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd.

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