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An Introduction to Our Shop

The sales staff at V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. is a combination of professional string musicians, teachers, and advanced level players! We're extremely knowledgeable about the violins, cellos, double basses, and all the accessories sold at the shop. Please rest assured that we will not try to over-sell you, but neither will we direct you towards something that is less than what you need. Our staff are not paid on a commission basis, and do not have sales quotas. You can trust that the staff at V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. will look after you!


Discover Our Convenient String Instrument Rental Program

Whether you're looking for child-sized or adult-sized instruments, we've got you covered. Our rental process is hassle-free, with the first month's rental fee and a $100 damage deposit paid upfront. After the initial month, your rental continues automatically via a credit card charge, and you can keep the instrument for as long as you like. When you're ready to return it, bring it back; we end the contract and return your deposit (unless there's any rare damage). Or, if you decide to purchase ANY instrument while you're renting, the first 6 months' rental fees and the deposit will be applied toward the purchase price! It's the perfect way to explore the joy of music without a long-term commitment. From age 2 to 80+, everyone can experience the magic of music with us. Reach out to us and discover the convenience of our music instrument rental program in Calgary today!

Explore Our Cost-Saving 80% Trade-in Policy

We've all been there- your child decides to take up a sport or project. You go out and purchase all the required equipment, and a short time later, your child needs an upgrade. After a while, a whole lot of "stuff" piles up. In order to alleviate this problem, we have set up our trade-in policy. When your child outgrows their instrument or requires a better quality instrument to progress in their studies, we will use your original instrument as trade-in credit towards the new instrument. Simply stated, our trade-in policy is 80% of the instrument’s original purchase price, less the cost of any maintenance, devaluation, or repairs required to bring it back up to our high standards prior to resale. This applies even if your instrument was not purchased here! (Of course, the instrument must be in good condition.) This is a perfect solution for a parent whose young child is just starting out with the violin or other string instrument and is certain to outgrow it several times before finally reaching that full-sized instrument!

String Instrument Repairs & Restorations

V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd. is known for our highly qualified staff of in-house luthiers. Their training qualifies them to work on all types of orchestral string instruments. Whether you are in need of a simple bridge repair or require a complete restoration, we're here to help!

Our customer repairs are done in a timely manner and seldom go beyond the anticipated due date. Many of our customers have their instrument repairs completed prior to the promised date. We pride ourselves in keeping up-to-date with the promises we have made!

Whether your violin, viola, cello, or double bass is in need of minor repairs or a full restoration, our luthiers have the knowledge, tools, and skills to make it happen! All work is completed in our humidity-controlled workshop to the highest of European standards. Each instrument is assessed individually, and only appropriate repair methods are implemented. On all heritage instruments, we use only traditional materials and internationally accepted techniques. At V.A. Hill Fine Strings Ltd., our extremely competent luthiers have had experience working on all grades of instruments, from student violins to Italian instruments of the Golden Period!

Click here to learn more about our various instrument repairs.

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